Supportive Care

When your pet needs veterinary care, it can be difficult for him to leave the comfort of his home. Instead of taking him to an office where he'll likely endure a lot of stress, consider mobile vet supportive care. Our vet at Advanced Mobile Vet, serving Lake Mary, FL, can provide your pet with supportive care at your home or farm. 


What Is Supportive Care?

While every veterinarian likely understands how stressful it can be for pets to go to an office appointment, a mobile vet makes the extra effort to come to your pet's home. This means your pet can be more comfortable and calmer in his cozy environment where he'll have an extra chance to thrive and be healthy after treatment. Our mobile vet provides pets with the compassionate and professional care they need the most. 

Why Our Pets Need Supportive Care

Although you've probably noticed your pets are sensitive, since we're human and they're not, we aren't always capable of realizing just how sensitive our furry friends are. Rather than ignore what we don't understand, it can be necessary to pay special attention to a pet in need of veterinary assistance. A veterinarian in Lake Mary, FL, has enough knowledge, professionalism, and experience to give your pet the love he needs when he's not feeling well or even near death. Our mobile vet loves animals and would enjoy giving your pet plenty of kindness and empathy when he's down. 

Your Pet Should Be Comfortable

When you and your pet visit a veterinary clinic, you may feel uncomfortable with being there. Similarly, your pet probably feels a lot like you do. Depending on the type of animal he is, he may become anxious, start barking at the other animals around him out of fear or frustration. Of course, his discomfort can be difficult to tolerate because you know he doesn't deserve to be unhappy. Rather than feel forced to put him through a visit to the vet's office again, you may wish there was an alternative. You can call a compassionate mobile vet near you to come to where your pet is. This gives you both the opportunity to be in your environment where you're comfortable. Plus, you won't have to waste time and money on driving to a vet's office. You and your pet can have additional peace of mind without worrying about crowded vet offices. 

Make an Appointment for Mobile Vet Supportive Care

Unsure of your next step? Our caring veterinarian at Advanced Mobile Vet, serving Lake Mary, FL, can provide veterinary services. Call us at (407) 404-4714.

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