Supportive Care

Helping Your Pet at Home

When it comes to pet care, we always hope there is a way to fix whatever problems happen. However, this isn't always the case. Sometimes, all we can do is keep our pet comfortable, pain-free, and happy for as long as possible. This is where supportive care comes in. Here at Advanced Mobile Vet, we’re able to offer patients in Orange and Seminole county house calls. Whether you have an aging dog or a cat that needs special care for cancer, having veterinary care in the comfort of your home can help tremendously.


What is Supportive Care?

Some medical conditions can't be cured. Maybe your pet has been diagnosed with untreatable cancer, arthritis is causing them to slow down, or they have another condition that requires adjustments at home to help them live a longer and less painful life. Supportive care may include a specialized diet and exercise plan with regular checkups to monitor bloodwork, pain management to help your pet walk better, or even delivering life-needed supplies like insulin. Unfortunately, it may also include the need to help your pet pass over in a pain-free way when the time comes. These are all things we provide with supportive care.

Home is Less Stressful

The veterinarian office can be a stressful place both for you and your pet, but by utilizing Advanced Mobile Vet, you allow your pet to be seen and treated in a place that feels safe and comfortable to them. No place is more comfortable to a pet than the one they live in. Our team is capable of helping your pet with whatever ailments they may have without the need of an office visit. We strive to make our visit as comfortable as possible for you and your pet.

Advanced Mobile Vet

Advanced Mobile Vet helps pet owners in Orange and Seminole county enjoy the companionship of their beloved family pets longer. Our team can give you the chance to help your pet get needed support in the best environment for them. Contact us today to see how we may be able to help you provide the best years possible for your pet.

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