3 Mobile Vet Services to Keep Your Avian Family Members Healthy and Happy

Finding good quality care for your avian friends in Orange, Seminole, East Lake, and Volusia counties can be a challenge. Advanced Mobile Vet offers veterinary house calls that help you maintain the health and comfort of your feathered friends.

3 Mobile Vet Services to Keep Your Avian Family Members Healthy and Happy

Expert Guidance

Has your bird been down lately? When your friend refuses to eat, shows signs of lethargy, or just doesn't have the same interest in the activities he once enjoyed, a visit from your friendly neighborhood mobile vet can help clear up the confusion.

During our examination, we can help you understand the root problems behind your pet's behaviors. We can then formulate a plan to remedy the situation and restore your pet's health and joy.

Are you confused about how to take care of your bird? Our staff can help you find the right diet, toys, and health services that specifically benefit your bird’s species, age, and personality.

Training Tips

Teaching your bird to heed your voice isn't the easiest task. These headstrong creatures are used to answering their own, unique calls. Learning a language that both you and your bird can use to communicate with each other is important for ensuring harmony between the two of you.

Our mobile veterinarian can help you understand your bird’s body language and vocalizations. This can help you decide when your pet needs medical care, is going through a hormonal trigger, or simply wants to change activities. In addition, we can help resolve problems in families with multiple pets. If your birds don't get along, we can help you figure out how to restore the peace.

Preventative Care and General Medicine

Bringing your bird into a veterinary office can be a struggle. Instead, our house calls make it possible to give your friends the care they need without sacrificing their comfort. We offer a range of preventative care and general medicine services right from our mobile office unit.

In addition to lab tests and physical examinations, we provide vaccinations, administer medications, perform simple surgical procedures, and complete spaying or neutering services. 

Trust the pet experts at Advanced Mobile Vet to help you with your avian needs in Orange, Seminole, East Lake, and Volusia counties. Contact our representatives to set up your in-home appointment today. Our number is (407) 404-4714!

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