Advanced Mobile Vet Offers Care for Livestock Animals

Livestock suffer from a number of common ailments that require veterinary care. When these problems occur, a well-trained, experienced veterinarian can help to resolve the health issue quickly and effectively. At Advanced Mobile Vet serving Orange, Volusia, Seminole and East Lake Counties, we provide veterinary care that ensures your livestock maintains good health and condition during every stage of life.

Advanced Mobile Vet Offers Care for Livestock Animals

Large-Animal Veterinarians Provide Many Services

A veterinarian that specializes in large-animal care understands the unique needs of these creatures and has learned to provide care for them in the environment in which they live. Doing this requires a strong base of knowledge and extensive experience in dealing with all types of animals, in sometimes-difficult conditions. In addition, your veterinarian must be able to use x-rays and ultrasound to diagnose in the field, to provide appropriate treatments immediately. Your mobile vet has worked with a variety of species and can provide efficient service to help your livestock maintain good health.

Providing Preventative Care

Preventative care is a critical part of maintaining herd health, ensuring a profitable livestock business and preventing the spread of disease to the human population. We can advise you on the recommended vaccinations and treatments to minimize the risk of disease in your animals. We can also alert you of any outbreaks of disease that may affect your area.

Common Veterinary Problems in Livestock

Maintaining the health of farm animals often requires recommended vaccinations to prevent disease, blood tests to diagnose illnesses, hoof care, horn care, problems with production or reproduction, skin diseases, and abdominal problems. Common surgical services performed on farm animals include c-section births, castrations, care for traumatic wounds, lameness problems, abdominal surgery, treatment of fractures, and other types of orthopedic care.

Your Mobile Vet Can Provide Emergency Care

When an animal develops a sudden, severe illness or injury, you want prompt care. At Advanced Mobile Vet, we provide 24-hour emergency care, to ensure your livestock receive immediate treatment for sudden, life-threatening issues.

Make Advanced Mobile Vet Your Choice for Livestock Veterinary Care

Dr. Ariel Smith has extensive training in veterinary medicine and takes pride in providing superior care for animals in Seminole, Orange, Volusia, and East Lake Counties. We can provide house calls for preventative care, surgery, travel health certificates, and emergency care for common livestock species. Call Advanced Mobile Vet today at (407)-404-4714 for an appointment to provide professional, compassionate care for your farm animals.

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