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Pet Health Certificates

Advanced Mobile Vet is your premier mobile veterinary service in Orange and Seminole Counties. We provide dedicated and compassionate veterinary services to ensure your pet's health and wellness. Pet wellness exams and health certificates are the best way to ensure you can travel legally with your pet. These health certificates attest to your pet's health and wellness, ensuring you don't unknowingly travel with a sick animal. They can also be used for selling and training purposes for animals.

Who Needs A Health Certificate

In the United States, pet owners are required to have a health certificate signed by an accredited veterinarian when pets are moved from state to state. Additionally, entry into many countries across the globe requires health certificates for pets. Most airlines require health certificates to travel with your pet in cargo or with you on the plane.

Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs), also known as health certificates, are required in certain states when you enter the state with a dog that you plan to sell or change dog ownership. You must have a licensed and accredited veterinarian-issued health certificate within ten days before the date the dog enters the state.

To fly with your service dog or emotional support animal, the airlines require a US Department of Transportation Service Animal Air Transportation Form. This form has an animal health section that must be completed by a veterinarian.

Who Can Issue A Health Certificate

Pet exams are required to ensure your pet's health and wellness before a health certificate can be issued. Only a USDA licensed and accredited veterinarian can issue a valid health certificate. We are well versed in the complicated maze of Florida, national, and international pet health required documentation. It is critical to have the correct paperwork when traveling with service dogs, emotional support animals, and family pets.

Knowing your cherished family pet is covered when traveling will give you peace of mind on your journey. Additionally, abiding by state requirements for transporting animals in to and out of the state will provide smooth transitions.

Health Certifications from Advanced Mobile Vet

We provide veterinary services to the Orange and Seminole counties. We will administer a check-up and help you with the required paperwork for the health certificate. If you are selling, training, or traveling with your pet and need a health certificate, contact our team at Advanced Mobile Vet today at (407) 404-4714.

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