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We at Advanced Mobile Vet, covering Orange, FL, and Seminole, FL, whether an animal is big or small, we care for them all. That's the way the service rolls to make house calls with our vet. We provide veterinary care for dogs and cats, pocket pets, avian species, reptiles, exotics, horses, and livestock. We bring our mobile veterinarian to you to provide different services, including dog wellness exams. 

dog wellness

Overview of Dog Wellness Exams

To maintain your pet's good health, an annual exam is recommended. In some cases, such as senior canines, it may be a good idea to get an exam more often, especially if your canine friend has any health issues. 

When our team arrives, your canine will be checked thoroughly for health issues. Our veterinarian might also do a hands-on check to search out any lumps or unusual growths. 

Dental issues can also affect your dog's health and a check of the condition of the teeth and gums can be a part of the wellness exam. 

How your canine moves, his mobility and agility, alertness, and overall behavior might also be observed. Additional testing may be required, such as blood tests. This may or may not be necessary depending on the medical history of your canine. A stool sample may also be part of the check-up and you might be asked to bring one in. Both the blood test and stool sample are identifiers of disease and parasites. If either is detected, a plan can be implemented to include treatments and medication. If the problem requires surgery, this will be discussed with you. 

Benefits of House Calls

New puppies, rescued dogs, adult canines, and senior dogs can all have an exam. Your pup may be experiencing a health problem that can only be detected, identified, and treated with an examination. If your pet has an underlying problem and isn't treated, it can significantly impact his quality of life, and in some situations, shorten the time you have with him. 

Some conditions move at a slow pace, and you may think your pet is doing fine but in reality, he needs medical attention. A check-up can put your mind at ease and can provide your pet with the care he needs to overcome the issue and become strong and healthy. 

Get a Dog Wellness Exam during a House Call with Our Mobile Vet

With our mobile veterinarian house calls, Advanced Mobile Vet can cover a lot of territories, including the Orange, FL, and Seminole, FL, area. When a convenient veterinary house call for a dog wellness exam is needed, give us a call and we'll be on our way. Call us at (407) 404-4714 for more information.

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