Dog Wellness Exams

Dog Wellness Exams

Pet checkups go by another name: wellness exams. During these exams, your veterinarian will perform a physical exam on your pet to identify any potential issues. The vet may also request blood work to look for issues that are not apparent by sight alone. Many dogs require annual wellness exams, but dogs that are older or those with health concerns might see the doctor twice a year or more.

By having your dog regularly examined, you can identify diseases in early stages, which makes it easier to treat and can ensure your life remains happy and as healthy as possible. Otherwise, conditions that are undetected can impair your dog's quality of life and even shorten its life. Even healthy pets should have a routine wellness exam because some changes happen slowly and pets are often good at hiding these problems.

A dog wellness exam is not unlike your yearly physical. The vet will use a stethoscope to listen to your pet's heart and lungs as well as using specific tools to examine the ears and eyes. Your vet's hands are the perfect tools to search for lumps and bumps that may not be noticeable otherwise. Aside from examining your pet's coat, the vet will also look inside your dog's mouth and examine its teeth. The vet will measure your dog's weight during a checkup, too. This up-close-and-personal exam with your dog enables the vet to check how your pet stands and moves and how alert your pet is.

It's not uncommon for vets to request stool samples during an annual wellness exam. The doctor can test your pet's stool for signs of parasites. Other parasites, as well as diseased organs, can be identified through blood tests. However, not every wellness exam involves testing your dog's blood. It depends on your pet's medical history. If you have any questions about changes in your pet, the wellness exam is the time to ask them. Your vet may recommend changes in lifestyle as your pet ages. Some people also use these appointments for pet vaccines or other veterinary care as well.

It's important to make these appointments even if your pet has mobility issues or dislikes going to the vet's office.  In cases such as these, some vets make house calls. Being at home helps pets remain calmer during their exams.

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