Exotic Pets

Cats and dogs are the most common pets in America. However, exotic pets are also becoming more popular. At Advanced Mobile Vet in Lake Mary, FL, we offer veterinary services for many animals, including exotic pets. 


What Are Exotic Pets?

Exotic pets are technically animals kept as pets from another country. However, the term is often used to describe non-traditional pets. Generally, pets that aren't domesticated, like a cat, dog, or farm animal, can be considered nontraditional or exotic pets. 

Types of Exotic Pets We See 

We see many types of exotic pets, including pocket pets, birds, and reptiles. 

Pocket Pets 

Pocket pets are pets that are generally small enough to fit into your pocket. They include rodents and marsupials. Small rodents, like mice and rats, are common pocket pets.

Sugar gliders and hedgehogs are more exotic and require more involved care. Larger pocket pets include chinchillas and guinea pigs. 


Birds, also known as avians, are another popular unique pet. They range from small animals, like parakeets, to larger birds like parrots. They often have a long lifespan, as long as they receive the necessary veterinary care. 


Owning a pet reptile is a unique experience and an adventure. Reptiles include snakes, lizards, and turtles. They often require a heat source, because they are cold-blooded. 

When to Visit an Exotic Pet Vet

All pets need veterinary care, including exotics. Let's take a look at when your exotic needs to visit the veterinarian. 

Initial Vet Visit

When you bring your pet home, you should schedule an initial vet visit. This allows you to be sure your pet is healthy, and address any health concerns. Your exotic pet vet will also ensure that you know how to care for your new pet properly. 

 Annual Checkups 

Most pets need a check-up once a year. Some pets do best with two wellness visits each year. At your initial vet visit, the vet will let you know how often they need a check-up. 

When Problems Arise 

Anytime you are concerned about your pet's health, you should get them seen by the vet. Common signs of an issue include a loss of appetite and strange behaviors, like lethargy or aggression. 

Mobile Exotic Pet Care with Advanced Mobile Vet

Going to the vet can be stressful, particularly when they are a unique pet. At Advanced Mobile Vet, we offer mobile exotic pet care in Lake Mary, FL. You won't need to worry about coming to the office, because we come to you. Our mobile veterinary service takes the stress away by visiting you. This allows you to provide the veterinary care your pet needs, hassle-free. Call 407-404-4714 today.

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