Mobile Vet Services Help Keep Pets and Communities Safe

People have reptiles as pets may not feel comfortable picking them up and placing them in a car to take them on a road trip to the vet. Unlike dogs, cats, bunnies and other furry critters, reptiles don’t have the same warm fuzzy appeal among the masses. Our mobile vet service makes it easy for people who love reptiles to provide them with the care they need while causing minimal stress to the animals we serve. Advanced Mobile Vet serves animals in Brevard, East Lake, Volusia, Seminole and Orange counties.

Mobile Vet Services Help Keep Pets and Communities Safe

Education Is the Key

Our veterinary clinic house calls are intended to make it easy for pet parents to take care of their animals. We discuss proper feeding regimens, and we take the time to examine the habitats of the animals we see to help their owners ensure they live as long and healthy lives. We provide these services during our house calls because caring for reptiles can be a lot of fun, but they can be a lot of work. Temperature control, setting up hides, selecting the appropriate bedding and the proper accessories is very important in terms of keeping reptiles happy and healthy.

Safety First

It is important to note that reptiles do make great companions, however, owners have to be careful when they transport them from place to place. There is a certain amount of risks associated with reptile ownership as they are carriers of salmonellosis. This condition can be transferred through both the direct and indirect contact with reptiles; this is why the services offered by our mobile veterinary clinic are so valuable. Our house calls afford people the ability to have their pets examined within the confines of their homes, which reduces the contact they could have with people who have compromised immune systems.

We See Them All

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the finest veterinary care to reptiles in Brevard, East Lake, Volusia, Seminole and Orange counties. Advanced Mobile Vet also provides house calls to provide care to dogs, cats, horses, goats, rodents, birds and just about any other animal you can think of. Our veterinarian provides maintenance care like annual exams and shots. To learn more about the services we offer or to schedule an appointment for our mobile vet to come out to see you and your pet, give us a call at (407)-404-4714 today.

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We cover all of Seminole, Orange, Volusia, and East Lake Counties.

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