Difficult Pets

Avoid Difficult Pet Problems with Help from Our Mobile Vet

Not all pets like to go to the vet. In fact, there are plenty who are terrified of the vet. They know the office is where they're likely to be poked with a needle or experience other discomforts. Like any other animal that might be afraid your pet may lash out. Scared pets can quickly become aggressive pets, or they may simply not corporate. In some instances, if you've been forced to take your pet into a vet office and you had aggressive pets they might have required some sort of sedation. While this does help it may make it difficult to perform certain treatments, not to mention it quickly increases the cost of your vet bill. 


If you have a pet that needs a veterinarian visit, but you have had issues taking that pet to a veterinarian here in Orange or Seminole before, we can help you here at Advanced Mobile Vet. Avoid all of these issues with our mobile vet service. We provide house calls, so your pet can feel as comfortable as possible. 

Let Our Veterinarian Come to You

Not all pets like to visit the vet. While some are able to handle the visit, many struggle with the prospect. A frightened pet may quickly turn into a dangerous one. When animals feel like they are in a frightening situation, they often lash out and act in ways they otherwise wouldn’t. Make it easy on yourself and your pet by staying at home. When you stay at home and let our mobile vet come to you, you'll be able to avoid much of the stress involved with traditional veterinary visits. Our veterinary staff can come to you and, from there, we will be able to work with you and your pet. 

Avoid Stressful Vet Visits with House Calls

Our mobile vet service will help you avoid the stress of traditional pet care visits. If you've been looking for a veterinarian that provides house calls, schedule an appointment with us today at Advanced Mobile Vet. Stress-free pet care is a single phone call or online request away. 

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