Understanding Pet Dermatology and How Skin Issues Can Affect Your Pet

Skin issues in pets can be frustrating for both pets and their owners. The irritation caused by constant scratching can significantly impact your pet’s health and well-being. Advanced Mobile Vet in Lake Mary, FL, understands that caring for your pet’s skin is vital to overall health and happiness. Our services include seeing animals of all sizes, from pocket pets to large farm animals, across the Seminole, Orange, and Volusia, FL, areas. Continue reading to learn about frequent skin issues in pets, their symptoms, and how we can treat them.


Causes of Skin Issues in Pets

Skin issues in pets can occur due to several reasons. Environmental and seasonal allergies are a frequent cause of skin issues. Common allergens include dust mites, pollen or mold, grass or ragweed, bacteria, and household cleaners. Food allergies, vitamin deficiencies, and poor nutrition can also cause skin issues. Other factors may include fungi, poor bathing or grooming, mange, and underlying health conditions. Our veterinarian can perform multiple tests to determine the root cause of your pet’s skin issues and get the treatment necessary to alleviate symptoms.

Symptoms of Skin Issues

Dermatology issues in your pets can cause several symptoms, including redness, constant licking or scratching, patchy fur or hair loss, chafing, dryness, and inflammation. Your pet can also experience a loss of appetite due to its dermatology issues. Other common symptoms of skin issues include pimples, lumps, bumps, scabs, and ulcers. Contact your veterinarian if your pet exhibits one or more of these symptoms.

How Can a Veterinarian Help?

When taking your pet for help with its skin irritation, your veterinarian will typically begin with a visual inspection of the coat and skin. They will then ask a series of questions and may perform procedures like bloodwork to determine the cause of your pet’s skin issues. Your veterinarian will create a customized treatment plan to alleviate your pet’s symptoms. Treatment may include:

    • Antifungal cream
    • Antibiotics
    • Antihistamine spray or cream
    • Medicated shampoo
    • Dietary supplements
    • Special food

Your veterinarian may also suggest you wash your pet’s bedding regularly, install HEPA filters, wipe its face and feet after being outside, and groom or bathe it more frequently. You may also consider keeping your pet indoors during high pollen days.

Contact Advanced Mobile Vet to Treat Your Pet’s Dermatology Issues Today

Our mobile vet services are fully equipped to perform everything from wellness exams and vaccines to allergy and skin disorder treatment, so contact Advanced Mobile Vet in Lake Mary, FL, to get your pet the dermatology treatment it needs to feel like itself again. With the help of our online pharmacy, we can quickly treat your pet's dermatological problems and have them back in tip-top shape in no time. Call us and schedule an appointment today at (407) 404-4714 if you are searching for a veterinarian near you in the Seminole, Orange, and Volusia, FL, areas.

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