Veterinary Dermatology Tips

When it comes to keeping your pet in tip-top shape, making sure they are extremely healthy is one of the most important things you can do. This extends to curing any ailments that might arise from the largest organ in the body: the skin. A top veterinary expert can recommend excellent dermatology tips that will lead to your animal having the healthiest skin possible. When you call Advanced Mobile Vet we serve East Lake, Seminole, Volusia, and Orange Counties, to make sure you have some of the top dermatology tips for their skin. 


Pet Dermatology Tip 1: Know Your Pet’s History of Skincare

This is extremely important as it will give the veterinarian a good idea on how to treat your animal when you first come into the office. Knowing your pet's history of reactions to dermatological remedies and treatments can prevent the veterinarian from prescribing a treatment that might prove especially harmful as a result of the side effects of the medication. Additionally, knowing their skincare history can clarify some treatment patterns that can help you determine how you can improve your own regular and daily care for your pet. 

Pet Dermatology Tip 2: Are There Seasonal Allergies

While this goes under the umbrella as understanding your pet's history of skincare, it is also important to know how your pet reacts during specific allergy seasons. Pollen and other outdoor molecules that build up during certain months can have an immune effect on both humans and animals. While humans can get the flu, animals can also get the flu as well as severe allergic reactions that can show up in the form of rashes that cause your cat to scratch itself. Knowing the seasonal history of allergies can give you some time to determine when your pet needs to visit the vet. 

Pet Dermatology Tip 3: Strategically Apply Topicals

Once your pet has been prescribed a topical to treat their skin condition, you should apply the lotion as directed by your veterinarian. Applying the topicals more often than needed can result in unwanted side effects while forgetting to apply them or not applying enough can result in the skin condition worsening and the rash becoming more apparent. You don't want to be in either of these situations, so it is incredibly important to take heed of the advice and directions given by the veterinarian.

Veterinary Care with Advanced Mobile Vet

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