Lameness evaluations and advanced state of the art diagnostics to help your horse recover and preform at their best.


Keeping your horse sound is important for their everyday life and well-being. Performing a thorough exam early is important to help identify the source of your horse’s discomfort. We recognize that sport horses are professional athletes and deserve the same attention to care as any professional athlete. We also know how important our horse partners are in every discipline. From hunter/jumpers, eventers, dressage horses, western show horses, barrel horses to trail riders we treat each horse as we treat our own horses.

A crucial step in a performance evaluation is the lameness exam.  It is critical to isolate any areas of pain that may be affecting your horse.  Multiple sources of pain may exist, but we must start with the most obvious and peel back the issues one layer at a time.  Evaluation on the longe line, evaluation under saddle, flexion tests, and nerve blocks will often be used to isolate the geographic location of the lameness. Once we are confident about the location of lameness, we will employ imaging modalities like digital x-ray and digital ultrasound to isolate the structure/structures involved. AVMS wants to work with you and your farrier to keep your horse sound. Complimentary consultations with your farrier are included with every lameness exam.

Lameness services offered:

  • Lameness Exam
  • Diagnostic analgesia (joint and nerve blocks)
  • Portable state of the art wireless digital radiography and ultrasound
  • Intraarticular, intravenous, and intramuscular joint therapies
  • Podiatry Consultation

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