Equine Vaccinations

Equine Vaccinations and Traveling Care for Central and Central Atlantic Coast Florida

Advanced Mobile Vet's Dr. Ariel Smith provides vaccinations and other care for your horse. She's ready to make the trip to you and your horse so you don't have to! While our practice is based out of Lake Mary, we make house calls to all of Seminole, Volusia, Orange, and East Lake Counties. Dr. Smith has been handling horses since she was ten years old, and knows how to treat yours with the care and respect they deserve!

Veterinary Vaccinations Offered

Whether your horses show, or are completely home kept, we provide them with the vaccinations they need. We also offer vaccinations for any pending risks that may be in the area.

  • Home-Kept Vaccinations: Rabies, Tetanus, Encephalitis (Eastern & Western), Six-month West Nile Virus boosters
  • Show Horse Vaccinations: All vaccinations listed above, as well as yearly Strangles and Rhinotracheitis/Influenza
  • Pending-Risk Vaccinations: We carry vaccinations for Lyme Disease, Leptospirosis, and Potomac Horse Fever when conditions call for it.

Fecal Egg Count/Worm & Parasite Analysis

If it's been a while since you began your deworming program, we recommend a fecal egg test to make sure these parasites are being kept in check. 

Individualized Deworming 

We'll put together a deworming program for you based on your location, pasture management and other management practices, and the number of horses you keep.

Dr. Smith and her staff are dedicated to keeping your horse safe. Modern equipment, practiced veterinary skills, and an irreplaceable caring demeanor ensure your horse has a safe, low-stress experience.

Importance of Vaccines

Without the proper vaccinations, your horse or horses are at risk for several different potentially life-threatening diseases. Not only do rogue infections, parasites, and viruses imperil the overall health of your animals, but they endanger others as well if left untreated. That is why Advanced Mobile Vet is here, providing on call veterinary services to all of Seminole, Volusia, Orange, and East Lake Counties here in Florida in order to safeguard your horses.

Equine Vaccinations – Get Started with House Calls for Your Horse!

While Advanced Mobile Vet is based in Lake Mary, we make dental, vaccination, and other types of house calls to all of Seminole, Orange, Volusia, and East Lake Counties. If you need vaccinations or any other equine veterinary services, call today at (407) 404-4714.

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