How to Prevent Illness in Livestock

Prevent Illness

There's no way to protect your livestock from every illness, but several steps can help reduce the risk. At Advanced Mobile Vet, we have provided residents of Lake Mary, FL, with reliable mobile veterinary services for many years. Read on to learn more about preventing illness in livestock.


An animal being fed an improper diet will have a weakened body and immune system. Check with our veterinarian to make sure your dietary knowledge is up to date. Our veterinarian may also grow weak from a poor environment, such as being locked inside a pen or sleeping in a dirty barn.

Familiarize Yourself with Common Ailments

Every animal has unique biology, including a range of potential ailments that might afflict them. You don't have to know every disease or disability that might happen, but take the time to learn the most common ones, including their symptoms, how to manage them, and when to call a vet. Pay special attention to contagious conditions that might spread throughout a flock if left unchecked.


Many forms of livestock have available vaccines for common ailments that otherwise would run rampant. Vaccines are highly effective at preventing illnesses with generally mild to nonexistent side effects.

Isolate Sick Animals

Diseases like bird flu can quickly decimate livestock populations. If you notice an animal showing signs of illness, immediately quarantine it from the other livestock and seek veterinary care.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Veterinarian in Lake Mary, FL

Our trained livestock vet can provide caretaking advice and physical examinations that help prevent illnesses. The checkup schedule will vary for different types of livestock. Residents of Lake Mary, FL, and the surrounding Greater Orlando area can contact Advanced Mobile Vet for on-site veterinarian services. We're available for both scheduled checkups and around-the-clock emergency care.

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