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How a Mobile Vet Can Help with Your Difficult Pet Exams

Your pet's health is an important aspect of the care you provide for your furry friends. You feed them and make sure they are safe and have a secure place to play and sleep. But of course, just like people, they need to go to the doctor every once in a while to make sure they are healthy. If you have difficult pets, it may be an issue to get them into the veterinarian’s office. Having a mobile vet can make all the difference. At Advanced Mobile Vet, we bring our top-notch veterinary services to your home or farm.

The Benefits of In-home Care

We know it can be stressful for pets to come in to see a veterinarian for a pet exam. We reduce the stress by coming to you. Most animals are more relaxed in an environment they are familiar with. When a pet becomes agitated, it is more likely to lash out in a harmful way. Having the option to have a veterinarian come to you makes it much easier to provide your pet or farm animal with the care they need.

We treat animals both large and small, everything from farm animals to household pets. We perform routine exams and medical procedures as well as emergency animal care. We provide a wide variety of veterinary services including things like spaying and neutering, microchipping, dental care, and diagnostic services. We come well-equipped with wireless digital radiographs and ultrasound machines, We are also able to perform laboratory diagnostic services.

Contact Advanced Mobile Vet

When you are looking for a mobile vet to treat difficult pets, look no further than Advanced Mobile Vet. We bring our compassionate care to you and your pets. Don't let your pet be intimidated by a visit to the vet, let it enjoy the comfort and security of its own home. We provide quality veterinary care to animals in the Orange, Seminole, East Lake, and Volusia counties. Call us today at (407) 404-4714 to learn more or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Smith.

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