Keeping Your Pet Well Groomed and Clean

Keeping Your Pet Well Groomed and Clean

Did you know that pet bathing and grooming is more important than just good looks? At Advanced Mobile Vet, we regularly educate our patients in Seminole, Orange, Volusia, and the surrounding areas on the importance of pet bathing. Let's take a closer look at why pet bathing is much more than just good looks.

Physical Wellness Check

Grooming is an excellent opportunity for your pet to have a physical examination. During the grooming session, we will pay special attention to any suspicious lumps or bumps that may be hidden underneath your pet’s coat. Also, grooming tends to uncover:

  • Fur matting that could cause your pet discomfort
  • Bleeding gums that could indicate a health problem
  • Spurs or objects caught in a paw pad

All of these issues can come to light during a grooming session. When it comes to these types of problems, the sooner they are discovered, the more likely our veterinarian can provide a solution.

Help with Your and Your Pet's Allergies

When it comes to your dog, fur is the ideal place to trap bacteria, dirt, and allergens. If you or your dog suffer from allergies, regular grooming by the experts at Advanced Mobile Vet can help you and your pet. The more often your pup is groomed, the fewer allergens he will carry around in his fur.

Remove Odor and Dirt with Regular Pet Bathing

While this is obvious, having your pet cleaned regularly will ensure he doesn’t have a pungent odor.

Limit Shedding with Pet Bathing

The more you have your pet groomed, the less he will shed. If you're overwhelmed with collecting clumps of hair and vacuuming every day, it's time to contact Advanced Mobile Vet for professional grooming.

Keep Your Home Cleaner

Pet bathing will help improve the sanitation of your home. You'll significantly reduce the number of allergens, dander, and other pollutants from floating around your home.

Contact Advanced Mobile Vet

At Advanced Mobile Vet, our veterinarian will come to your home or farm to care for your pet. Because we perform veterinary care at your home, it can make a massive difference in how your pet reacts to the care in a familiar environment. Call Advanced Mobile Vet at (407)-404-4714 today to schedule your appointment. We serve Seminole, Orange, Volusia, and the surrounding areas.

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