Ultra Sound

The latest innovations in ultrasound technologies for veterinarian use are lifesaving. This non-invasive diagnostic tool allows us to see inside your pet’s body. Our vet can make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan with this information.

Advanced Mobile Vet in Lake Mary, FL, specializes in applying ground-breaking ultrasound technologies to diagnose and treat animals of every species. We serve Orange, Seminole, East Lake, and Volusia counties with extraordinary veterinary care house calls. 


Pet Ultrasound Technology

Diagnostic ultrasound technology collects images formed when high-frequency sound waves bounce off soft tissues, joints, and bones, sending waves back to the machine. Ultrasound is applied with a simple rounded probe. This device is pressed against the skin and moved in specific circular motions to isolate an area to focus on. Currently, there are two types of ultrasound procedures available:

    • An emergency ultrasound usually focuses on one internal target to receive an immediate picture of what is happening.
    • An echocardiogram is comprehensive and covers many internal targets to obtain in-depth information about your pet’s health.

Uses for Pet Ultrasound

Pet ultrasound technology is an essential diagnostic element in keeping your pet healthy and free from disease or injury. It is especially helpful for senior pets with several health issues. Veterinarians use ultrasound for the following reasons:

    • Detecting a swallowed object.
    • Confirming broken bones or soft tissue damage.
    • Revealing pregnancy.
    • Discovering and locating tumors.
    • Identifying heart conditions or other organ issues.
    • Locating an internal hemorrhage.
    • Evaluating the condition and function of thyroid glands, ligaments, and tendons.

Benefits of Pet Ultrasound

Pet ultrasound offers numerous benefits in veterinary medicine. From diagnosing health conditions to guiding medical procedures, ultrasound is vital in providing comprehensive care for our furry companions. This method helps the veterinarian make a precise diagnosis and treatment plan. These diagnostic tools can give a worried pet parent peace of mind.

Advanced Mobile Vet Implements Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasound is an invaluable tool in veterinary diagnostics, aiding veterinarians in treating a wide range of health conditions in pets. If your veterinarian recommends an ultrasound for your pet, it's an opportunity to gain important insights into your pet's health and well-being. At Advanced Mobile Vet in Lake Mary, FL, our veterinarian team widely uses the benefits of ultrasound technology. If you live in Orange, Seminole, East Lake, or Volusia County, contact us for your vet needs. Call us at (407) 404-4714 to book your pet’s appointment, or email us with information about your pet. 

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