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Advanced Mobile Vet provides pet dental services for animals in Volusia, Seminole, East Lake, Brevard, and Orange Counties. We strive to keep pets healthy, tending to them when they’re unwell and educating owners in matters of pet health, including dental care.


Preventative Dental Care

Scheduling regular physical exams are as critical for your pets as it is for you. As part of your animals’ wellness exams, our veterinarian will thoroughly check their mouths. We will also take x-rays to get a better understanding of the health of their teeth and gum lines. Besides cleaning the teeth, we can perform extractions and do dental repairs if it is needed.

Symptoms of Pet Dental Issues

Your pets cannot tell you when they have a toothache or oral maladies, but they may exhibit pain through agitation and distress. If you notice that your animals’ teeth are showing discoloration, are beginning to accumulate tartar, or have bad breath, call us for a dental visit. Some other indicators of dental problems are excessive drooling, abnormal chewing, changes in appetite, and swelling or bleeding in the mouth. Failing to notice and address some of these issues could lead to larger, painful, and expensive problems.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is not uncommon in dogs and cats, especially if regular brushing and cleaning did not occur in years. Brushing and cleaning of the teeth help remove plaque and tartar. If they continue to accumulate, they will turn into tartar. While tartar above the gum line can be removed by a veterinarian cleaning it, if it dwells beneath the gum line, it can lead to periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease can cause infections to the structures of that aids the teeth. Periodontal disease can also impact the integrity of the gums, which may result in tooth loss, tooth decay, or swollen gums. Failing to address this bacterial infection in your pets’ mouth may cause the bacteria to travel to the digestive system, causing further problems throughout the body.

Pet Dental Care is Essential to a Pet’s Life

While our veterinarian at Advanced Mobile Vet is able and happy to provide your pets with preventative care and treatment of dental maladies, we will also take the time to discuss with you what you can do at home to help maintain your animals’ healthy mouth. We can show you proper brushing techniques as well as discuss commercial products available for pets. Call us today at 407-404-4714 to make an appointment. We look forward to meeting you and your animals, and to help them maintain the healthiest lifestyle possible.

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